Making reviewing meaningful in the early years and primary classroom


Research shows that over 80% of a lesson can be forgotten if reviewing does not take place immediately after or shortly after a learning period. This metacognitive aspect of learning is often a neglected part of lessons sometimes due to poor planning and time management or to children’s young age. However, classroom practice shows that even very young children are capable of and enjoy voicing their opinions about their learning experiences and can be taught to do this. This webinar will demonstrate a variety of reviewing activities that can be applied in the English classroom and contribute to a positive learning experience.

Эксперт ELT Gail Ellis – преподаватель с более чем тридцатилетним опытом работы. Она расскажет:
– Почему важно анализировать урок сразу после завершения;
– Какие виды рецензирования можно применять на уроках английского языка;
– Как научить ребенка высказываться о процессе обучения еще с начальной школы.

Gail Ellis is an ELT young learner educator based in France with over thirty years’ experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, manager and author.